Emma Mctaggart

As the founder of Child Writes, Emma Mactaggart has been in the classroom since Child Writes started in 2005! Emma originally delivered a workshop as a means of sharing her love of literature with students at her local school… but the children’s passion was evident, a workshop wasn’t enough, and the program evolved from there. 

Emma is now a self published children’s picture book author and illustrator, and has published hundreds of titles written and illustrated by Child Writes participants. She is also the author of Child Writes: Creating a Children’s Picture Book is Child’s Play

No matter how many times she teaches the program, Emma is constantly fascinated by the responsiveness and creativity of children, their ability to dig deeply and find within themselves the stamina and strength to complete something which eludes many adults. She finds her involvement with the students incredibly rewarding and is thrilled to be doing what she loves! Emma is available for Child Writes workshops and for speaking engagements in the South East Queensland area. She makes her home in Toowoomba, where she is married to David.  Emma is also the mother of three daughters, two of whom are now published authors and illustrators, too!