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Self Promotion - How to do it well

Margie Warrell recently wrote an article for Forbes.com 'Self Promotion is Not Crucial - unless you want to get ahead'.  I liked her suggestions for setting yourself up to self promote well, rather than be considered a braggart.

An author, surviving in a sea of words, as over 91 thousand books were considered new releases on Amazon in the last 30 days, how on earth are you going to be noticed in the readers market place.  God forbid you are one of the self published authors this month, doing this all by yourself, without the experience, expertise and contacts of that formidable looking traditional publisher!

If your manuscript is ready to share, then it is timely to bring self promotion to your attention.  Margie uses the term 'reframe' a great deal, which I interpret as 'take on board stuff, and then spit it out in a way you want it to be viewed'.  (Actually 'reframe' is elegant isn't it!)  I should stick to sharing her definition...

1. Don't promote yourself - promote your value.  Reframe your experience and expertise in terms of the value you have to contribute.

2. Share examples, not your ego.  We all gravitate to people who are passionate about what they're doing and want to do.

3. Be relevant. Be mindful of your audience and what they care about - don't just make noise.

4. Toot the horn for others.  Yes, float someone else's boat.

5. Reframe disapproval.  Those who criticise are generally saying much more about themselves.

I genuinely like the approach some of the writers' web authors take for their self promotion, three of which come to mind instantly.  Clancy Tucker's blog constantly gives air to other people and he generously shares the stage.  Carmel Rowley believes the only words you share on social media are those which are a gift.  Doreen Slinkard has the most comprehensive newsletter which goes to family and friends and contacts, so she shares all to all.

So my tips to add to those of Margie's:

6. Be generous with what you share.

7. Be thoughtful with when you share it.

8. Be generous and consider it a gift

and yes,

10. Self promote, because it is good for you!



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