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What is Publishing Success?

Publishing success can be traditionally viewed as book sales and it is retrospectively determined, given whatever period of time you wish to lapse after printing! Success of the Harry Potter books looks more and more phenomenal as the decades pass, as does Eric Carle with his timeless tome ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.  


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Christmas: It’s a time of GENEROSITY

Society so often uses the word ‘giving’ and that’s true of Christmas as we shop, wrap and give gifts to each other to celebrate. What if it is more than that? Picture this: Christmas is a timely reminder of our ability to be generous – generous with time, energy AND those lovely gifts. It is a time to bring people together, to share skills and enthusiasm and collaboratively, when we bring this generosity together in a shared space (a family, a workplace, a school…), then this is what we are celebrating. ..

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