Imagine It Workshop

Imagine it… 
With a toolbox of idea generating activities, never be bereft of creating an idea ever again! Useful for the reticent writer as well as the creative. Ideal for children Years 3 and above, including Secondary. 

Character Building… 
Writing the characters biography is a perfect starting point for character development. Work through the checklist of ‘must know’ character traits to create the most believable character possible. Ideal for Years 5, 6 and Secondary. 

Lost the Plot? 
Explore the seven plots known to man and explore their functionality to change your stories point of view. Ideal for Secondary. 

$400 each or $1000 for all three - includes: 

  • 2 hour face-to-face presentation for any size group of children, up to 50 participants. 
  •  ‘Child Writes: Creating a Children’s Picture Book is Child’s Play’ - a step-by-step guide to creating a children’s picture book, from generating the original idea through to book launch and beyond. 
  • Imagine it… Full Resource Folder with black line markers, teacher guide and sample books creating from these idea generating tools! 
  • Character Building… The Super Checklist
  • Lost the Plot? A sample for each plot line already set up in a 32 page children’s picture book format 
  • 0% discount on entry fee for the 2017 Child Writes National Competition

You'll be amazed when you discover what children can do!