5 X 5 Workshop

5 X 5 Workshop

The 5 x 5 Workshop evolved from the success of the creation of ‘Finnley’s Great Escape’. For three days, a team of enthusiastic writers and illustrators gathered to create a beautiful book with a passionate purpose – to save our waterways from the degrading effects of introduced species of fish, namely the Tilapia.

Now, the workshop has evolved to ensure within 5 days, a group can create a picture book with purpose, with the assistance of 5 people, taking 5 steps in the production, each step having 5 specific tasks! It is fun, fast and furious and perfect for a school holiday or a camp activity, even for a team building exercise for adults!

Think of it as a 'turn-key' project - we bring the materials, supply the tuition, resident artist, do the graphic design for the books setup, and organise the printing and delivery.
Production outcome – on the 5th day – a public viewing of a PDF print ready version of the book.  Then the book will be printed in hardcover and delivered. (This is the only point where there is a delay – this part can take two months!)

Print run: 500 copies.

The idea behind the printing is for the group to then sell the book at a substantial profit, retain a % of the earnings, and then repay Child Writes so we can share the workshop with another group!


You'll be amazed when you discover what children can do!