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What is a Child Writes tutor?

Tutors are trained by Child Writes to deliver the Child Writes program through schools, after school initiatives and community workshops across Australia. There are two main types of Child Writes accreditation:

  • Teacher: This is an accredited teacher who is contracted by their school, and delivers the Child Writes program as part of their paid work as a teacher of their school.
  • Tutor: This is a trained Child Writes tutor who is contracted and paid by Child Writes to deliver programs either through schools or in the community.

While the same training is required for either accreditation, we will use the term ‘tutor’ for ease, which will apply to both teachers and tutors.

The tutor’s role is to prepare for each session and to guide the children through the entire process, from:

Imagine it Write it Evaluate it Edit it Proofread it Appraise it Plan it See it (storyboard) Feel it (dummy rough) Draw it Illustrate it Finish it!

Some on-site editing is required, but the bulk of the editing is done through the contracted editor at the Child Writes office. Preparation of digital book files is also completed through the Child Writes office. The tutor’s role is to co-ordinate between the classroom and the office, to ensure that books are completed to publication. They will also have a leading role in organising the book launch at the completion of each program. Ongoing support will be available.

Tutors are contracted by Child Writes to teach the program in locations for which Child Writes has received program requests. The tutor is also at liberty to use their own connections to establish additional programs through Child Writes. Tutors will be offered a contract for each program, based on an hourly rate, in combination with a schedule of hours required (and jointly agreed upon) for program preparation and delivery.

Why become a Child Writes tutor?

It is a fortunate person who is able to do what they love and get paid for it. If you already love literacy and sharing, Child Writes will be an exciting fit for you, as you are paid to deliver the Child Writes program to school and community locations.

As good as getting paid to do what you love is, it is another thing entirely to know that you are also changing the lives of children! Sharing the Child Writes concept with children and watching their imaginations come alive is extremely rewarding. As a Child Writes tutor, you are key to unlocking their creativity, nurturing their discipline and empowering their lives. There are few equivalents to the Child Writes program in terms of confidence and empowerment that the children gain when they know they have worked hard and can finally see their own name in print. For many past Child Writes students, they attribute the program to be one of the best and most challenging experiences of their lives. For many students, it becomes life-changing. However, we warn you that Child Writes will not just change the lives of students, but also that of the tutors.

“Sharing the Child Writes program with children has given me an opportunity to work with a beautiful medium; the picture book, whilst empowering children to find and use their voice… It doesn't get any better!”
Emma Mactaggart

What are we looking for?

Qualifications are not nearly as important to us as passion. We are looking for enthusiastic people – male or female – who love literacy, enjoy children and want to make a difference with their work. Organisational and co-ordination skills are a plus, as are the love of teaching and public speaking abilities. Any skills or qualifications in the areas of teaching, children’s literature, administration or marketing are an advantage.

Child Writes Tutors will also need to satisfy all the relevant state requirements for working with children, for example, having a Blue Card in Queensland or an Ochre Card in the Northern Territory.

We provide full training for Child Writes tutors and equip you with everything that you need to deliver and administer the program as well as ongoing support and mentoring.

Accreditation as a Child Writes Tutor

To become an accredited Child Writes Tutor, there are three main requirements:

  • Submission of Resume and telephone interview.
  • Completion of Child Writes training.
  • Possession of current Blue Card (QLD) Ochre Card (NT) WWC (VIC, WA, NSW). 
    Please check http://www.aifs.gov.au/cfca/pubs/factsheets/a141887/ for requirements for working with children in SA, ACT and Tasmania.
  • Registration of an Australian Business Number (ABN), for contracting purposes.

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