Children writing for children, supporting children... It is a simple ideology which actually works! The Child Writes Program is a stunning project, nurturing literacy and creativity, and giving primary school aged children a voice by offering them the opportunity to write and illustrate their own children's picture books. Whether the program is run in-school, in-home or within the community, children go through the stages of writing, editing, proofreading, planning and illustrating, culminating in a finished picture book. These books are published by boutique publisher Boogie Books, complete with ISBNs, a publishing contract and an official book launch!

Copies are donated to places (such as hospitals) where children are in crisis... an empowering process for both the child authors and the children who are encouraged by the achievement and generosity of their peers. Every book is also made available for purchase online in electronic form, which means that children can actually receive royalties from the sales of their books! Child Writes is continually developing marketing and commercial opportunities to further increase the rewards for child authors and illustrators, as well as making sure their voice is heard as far and wide as possible.

The dream is to see the Child Writes program available to every child in Australia. The word is spreading... the interest is mounting... and the excitement is building. Will you become a part of what we're doing? To find out more about the program, go to Get Published, sign up for our Write Now newsletter, or check out our online store.

You'll be amazed when you discover what children can do!


You'll be amazed when you discover what children can do!